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KaTiah Byrd "KB"


Meet KaTiah Byrd! "KB" is not only a wife, mother of two, and an Army veteran. She is also a photographer and the creator of a digital magazine called Growing Vibrations Magazine! Photography is what brings KaTiah peace and the magazine is her adrenaline rush! "When individuals are around me, I enjoy creating a fun heartfelt environment that lets them know being YOURSELF is completely ok! If the client feels great in front of the camera, great photos and/or interviews are produced! My goal is to give people something that they will always remember. Which is a feeling. People will always remember how they felt when around you. I want them to walk away from me with a smile and feeling great!"


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Nicole at Sprout Law

Trademark Lawyer

We’re not your average attorneys.

We pick jumpsuits over Brooks Brothers suits. We can talk for hours about the Bachelorette.

And a consultation with us isn’t your average law firm consultation.

We'll chat about your brand, walk through the trademark process, and answer any questions along the way. You’ll leave with a personalized legal plan.

Because we’re not your average attorneys.

We’re your friends with law degrees.

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Graphic Designer

I'm a graphic designer and visual artist who's currently working in New York City. I developed a passion for branding and design while earning my Fine Arts degree at Bard College. As a born-and-raised New Yorker, a lot of my work has been inspired by street art, storefronts, and old-school logos. My graphic design goes across print and digital since I've worked on a number of mediums. That includes posters, print ads, signage, logos, brochures/menus, t-shirts, merchandise, banners, e-cards, animations, and social media content. I'm also not too shabby when it comes to illustrating graphics and art directing photo shoots.


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