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Top 10 SEO Mistakes That Can Negatively Impact Your Website Rankings

Top 10 SEO Mistakes That Can Negatively Impact Your Website Rankings

A minor SEO mistake can diminish your ranking, let your competitors surpass you, and bring unfavourable consequences. A sudden drop in website ranking can scare any webmaster and there can be numerous mistakes or reasons that can hurt a website’s ranking. Most of the time, marketers aren’t aware of what SEO mistakes are negatively impacting their search rankings.

Here’s a list of top 10 SEO mistakes that can lower your website rankings:

Not Optimizing For the Mobile Users

Statistics assert that recently, mobile searches have outshined desktop ones and with more and more people using mobile devices to seek a desired product or service, you should optimize your website for mobile devices. Also, Google and other search engines are penalizing websites that are not fit for mobile users.

Slow Loading Speed of Website

The slow loading speed of a website can boost the bounce rate. A fast loading website is pivotal for search robots and visitors. The slow loading speed can result in decreasing your SERP. So, your primary focus should be on improving the website’s speed.

Overlooking the Importance of Meta Descriptions and Title Tags:

For evaluating the page’s content and forming search snippets, search engines use meta descriptions and title tags. Having unique meta descriptions can help you to enhance your qualified and targeted organic traffic and with attention-grabbing title tags, you can persuade folks to click on your listing in search results.

Low-Quality Pages

Publishing poor or low-quality pages on a frequent basis reduce the website’s ranking. When you have a website with hundreds of pages, a lot of effort is required to have qualitative content on all of them. Avoid duplication of pages as much as you can as they can eventually affect your entire website.

Not Considering User Search Intent

Most of the marketers commit a mistake of not considering user search intent when they write content. If the content you write isn’t targeted at the right people, the entire content is of no use. While conducting the SEO audit and doing keyword research, you need to focus on user intent and their expectations of the content while they search for a specific keyword.

Excessive Stuffing of Keywords

Stuffing keywords in an excessive way can result in making your website content unnatural and at the same time, unhelpful to readers. Contrary to this, using a target keyword in your web content can help to increase ranking. Google recognizes similar words by using Latent Semantic Indexing. So, you should avoid keyword stuffing.

Improper Auditing Of Website

A thorough auditing of a website can be an excellent way to improve the website’s performance. Auditing your website in an improper way can keep you away from knowing the factors that hamper your website’s performance. Via auditing, you can know how user-friendly and mobile-friendly your website is and whether the visitors are able to get what they need with a few clicks.

Duplicate Content on your Site

Having duplicate content on your website can be devastating and it confuses the search engines which content needs to be indexed. Don’t show the search engines different versions of your website and similar content on various pages. The possibility of lower ranking and penalty increases when a website has duplicate content.

Not Prioritizing Local SEO

Local SEO is requisite in helping prospects find your business. With local SEO, you can provide the right information to potential clients according to their needs. When they get complete details about your business, they can choose it easily. Segmenting your keyword research in the right way for local and national intent and creating content for both accordingly are the important decisions to make.

Inappropriate Internal Linking Structure

For SEO and UX strategy, internal linking is a crucial factor that can never be overlooked. Many SEO professionals ignore the significance of internal linking, however, they aren’t familiar that search engines recognize and index new pages faster with the help of internal linking. The new pages can rank further when internal linking drives link equity to them.

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