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How Facebook Ads Can Be Utilized to Drive Leads And Sales

Updated: Feb 15

Facebook ads are turning out to be a superlative way to generate leads and sales at a faster pace. With Facebook ads, building a database of folks who take an interest in your offers is easier and straightforward. Facebook ads can help a business to reach the audience and acquire tons of leads. Targeting the right people is a paramount step to gain high-quality leads that can be further converted into new customers.

Steps to follow to Get Phenomenal Results From Facebook Ads

Opt for Your Ad Targeting Options:

Before creating a Facebook ad, it is requisite to know who you desire to see it. When you opt for the audience to target, distinctly define them from the other Facebook user base. You can choose from filters that have been categorized into demographics, interests, behaviors, and many more. You should be aware of the reading interest of your audience, what kind of events they love to participate in, and who are the influencers they follow. Facebook’s audience insights will give you all this information.

Make sure that your ads allure the audience. Set a specific budget, the start, and end date. Choose the right format for the ad you want to run. Slideshow, carousel, collection, image, canvas, and video are the options to choose from.

Creating A Facebook Audience

Your existing customers can be your audience. You can run customer retention campaigns to enhance lifetime customer value with their repeat purchases and these campaigns can also help to drive instant sales. The hottest audiences are your potential clients who have landed on your website but failed to convert into customers or leads.

Create a campaign targeting the hottest audiences and rendering immediate results by creating the audiences in the Audience’s dashboard. By navigating to your audiences dashboard, clicking on creating an audience, and choosing a custom audience with the help of a drop-down menu, you can create hot audiences.

In case, there are above 10k website visitors every month, you can reduce the audience duration to 60 to 30 days to check which renders the optimal outcomes. Running a reach objective website remarketing campaign is an excellent option if you have nearly 500 website visitors per day.

Comprehend Who Your Audience Is And Create An Attention-grabbing Message

Knowing your audience well is a crucial step. Craft a message that draws their attention and prevents them from scrolling. First of all, collect some information about what concerns they have and what language they prefer to use while discussing. Engage clients and prospects in a conversation and you can know how to gather their information by listening to interactions on online forums, LinkedIn or Facebook groups, Twitter, and many other sources.

The more information you will get, the more effective ads you can create. Next, what you can do is creating a freebie that is also acknowledged as a lead magnet. Offer them a gift that could help in sorting out their problem and achieving what they desire. With Freebie, you can make an everlasting impression and keep them intrigued about your products and services.

Set Up a Thank-you Page and Squeeze Page

Creating a squeeze page is an exceptional way to persuade visitors to decide either to choose or leave. For doing this with Facebook ads, hosting your offer on a web page is primarily required, and with this, folks can opt-in and give their email address for delivery. ClickFunnels, Instapage, and Leadpages are the sources with help of which you can create a squeeze page. For serving visitors who opt in to get your freebie, creating a thank-you page is pivotal. Once these pages are created, you can further add the Facebook pixel to these pages, optimize the ads, and scrutinize the results.

You can utilize the Ads Manager to analyze the results. Comparing the cost of every audience tested and the number of opt-ins attained is a wise decision. Seek the top-performing ad and audience amalgamation, search for the top CTR, conversions, and the lowest cost per conversion. Boost your spending on the top-performing ad.

Automate your Ads

Automating your ads is an indispensable step to align with the interests of people. With dynamic ads, you can show them the most relevant offerings and products depending on their interests. To persuade them to take action, add a lead generation form. Creating a campaign targeting hot audiences increases the possibility of immediate sales, leads, and repeat sales from existing clients.

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