This Award-Winning application is a secure psychology-based application designed by a clinical psychologist to assist people with monitoring and improving their mental health. This health & fitness app is designed with security as a primary focus, where access to your diary, mood and emotion monitoring, reminder details, and thought recording features. 



The app lacked an algorithm development as this application saves the data in an unstructured format. There was no specific set of rules or procedures to arrange the data. The application needed to intelligently process the information input by the user to generate accurate suggestions. Additionally the app lacked security for very sensitive information where any data breach would be consequential. Not optimized for SEO. 



Additional user friendly solutions for tracking and scheduling. Optimized mobile app for SEO. Completely secure advanced features added with customized content, AID treatment, Mood Monitoring, Emotion tracking, Cognitive Behavioral Therapy and Mental tracking.

Mongo DB implemented as the database which allowed much better management of unstructured information and ability to plot results with improved accuracy.

Three layers of security defense were implemented. The first one was data encryption for all user information and passwords. Whenever a user signs up in the application, every bit of data is encrypted before being sent to the server. After receiving the information on the server’s end, the information is again decrypted and saved. Consequently, the chances of hacking were massively reduced.  The second layer of defense does not allow users to enter weak passwords which is one of the reasons applications become vulnerable to attacks. Finally, an effective session management policy was added ensuring every user automatically signs out after a few seconds of last input. 



The MyPsyDiary mobile app improved existing functionalities and fulfills key brand objectives. A modern look coupled with increased functionalities offers the user additional support for mental health. 



Significant increase in app sales and page views. Successful algorithm development and top of the line security achieved.