SEO Reporting and Strategy

Our Promise to You Is To Always Maintain Your Position in Search Engine Result Pages.

Providing essential information on what is happening on your portal

It is human nature to be curious about the results of what has been done so far. Understanding this curiosity, we have a monthly dash boarding system wherein you can get your hands on the integrated data of what our team has done across all your digital platforms. The information includes details of all our SEO strategies, campaigns, and digital marketing that we have run to improve your online presence. The system is designed in such a way that you can access the pool of information from all the sources like SQL databases, webpages, mobile apps, social
platforms and even from the spreadsheets at the same time. How can companies benefit from the monthly dash boarding system?  

  • A clearer picture of where you stand in front of your competitors.
  • A better understanding of the campaigns that we have run to upgrade your search
    engine rankings.
  • Integrated data at one place that can be accessed by an authorized person.



Data, at your fingertips

 Apart from checking monthly reports, you can also access the data at any point in time. This feature helps you in becoming a pro in managing and understanding search engine optimization. It will help you to understand about the number of visitors, what is the pattern, the conversion ratio and many of such things that can give you an insight into what is happening on your portal.

Proactive approach


With integrated data in hand, companies in collaboration with our team of experts can take proactive measures to reform the strategies and generate more traffic and lead conversion.Constant monitoring from your end will also help us perform better and such interference will
rule out the chances of any ambiguity.

  • Right kind of strategy at the right time can multiply the profits many times.
  • Keep a check on who is visiting your website.
  • Do you want to know how much people love your company?

Save on paid ads & create leads

Finding the right ad extension and pay per click advising are two great ways to generate leads but these aren’t cheap and can cost your company a few extra bucks. Thus, it is very important to ensure that ad campaigns you are running across all platforms are profitable enough to bear this cost.

SEO Reporting & Strategy

Reporting is the key that can either make or break the client relationship, and in no way, we want to leverage the same. We put in all our efforts to ensure that our clients have access to the impact of campaigns we are running for their company across all the platforms.

On-Site SEO & Content

On-site SEO is the backbone of a digital industry, optimizing the content of your website is the best way to generate more traffic and that is what our team of SEO strategists do for your company. Our powerhouse content creators and SEO strategists do everything possible to keep you on the top of  SERP.