Gypsy Guide






The travel tour apps use your device’s location abilities to play commentary automatically. No cell network signal is needed while driving. Our tour guides have created an insightful and entertaining tour. This application was recommended the best places to experience along the way and some great locations that most visitors will drive by. This application will help you prioritize what suits you best and make sure you don’t miss a thing while traveling.


Poorly designed mobile app. Not optimized for SEO. The biggest challenge was to create a  listing of tour destinations with precise location details. When we integrated Google maps with this application we were not able to pin point exact locations. Moreover, we were confused how to get information about tour destinations as there were multiple options. One allowed the admin to upload the details and the other was to use a third-party API to get the listing.


To resolve the first issue, we contacted Google to brainstorm best course forward. We changed some algorithms accordingly and made sure that user’s phone is precisely calibrated and synced with GPS. Moreover, we also optimized the application to use the locations services in case of slower internet connection.

Furthermore, for the second issue, we have developed a dedicated admin for Tour providers so that they can add and manage their services like booking, pricing and seat availability. They can also update their service details like images or text. We implemented third-party provider APIs to get listings for different tourist locations. Consequently, we got enough service providers on the platform which now allows users to choose their best tour plan.


The Gypsy Guide mobile app improved existing functionalities and fulfills key brand objectives. An elevated commentary guide and layout better appeals to the target audience and allows for use without the need of a network signal. Increased functionalities offers the user easy search for best places & locations recommendations. Additional features added such as GPS tracking, vacation experiences, informative and educational guides, audio tours and paid advertisement.