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All You Need To Know About Google May 2020 Update

In the middle of the Coronavirus Pandemic, Google rolled out its second core update of the year 2020. On 4th May, it announced May 2020 Core Update. Starting from its date of release, the rollout will continue for around 2 weeks. Google announces its main core updates via Twitter. Such announcements are an attempt from Google to shun any rumors about algorithm updates that can go out of control and also to announce the update names.

What has changed in the May 2020 Core Update?

Google has not revealed any exact information about the changes that will be there in the search algorithm or which topics or industries are the primary focus or concern of the Google update. It is also not clear whether there would be any link to the Coronavirus pandemic and the altering behaviors of the users of Google. As per Google, the whole duration of the rollout takes 1-2 weeks till all the changes get live. More often than not, the search engine undertakes tweaks after its rollout in which it makes adjustments due to undesirable or unintentional results of ranking.


Impact of The Update

Meanwhile, certain SEOs and webmasters have reported on the impacts of the Google Core Update. Depending on what can be perceived till now, there are multiple pages types and industries that can be expected to be impacted by the changes. As per the initial statements from Twitter and Webmaster World Forum, there are changes in a lot of industries be it tech, finance, recipes or health. According to an article in Forbes, there are also certain signs that depict cryptocurrency content has been effected.

A lot of owners of recipe websites have noticed a significant loss in their traffic owing to the disappearance of URLs from the recipe container and also the withdrawal of rich snippets concerned with recipe results. This could have happened because Google re-adjusted particularly for this segment, chiefly because search results related to recipe topics comprise of a lot of added information that is displayed as rich snippets like ratings, cooking time, images and other related information.

Also, a lot of Google users suspect that content concerned with Coronavirus pandemic will garner more attention from Google. It is crucial that one waits till the search results settle down before they make any changes. Look out for websites that ace every time and try to comprehend why they have succeeded. It is always great to consider changes from the perspective of how a website effectively addresses the intent of a search.