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Antonette Diane Fletcher

Founder, CEO

Executive Creative Director


Radical Bohemian Digital LLC is a unique & out of the box creative Digital Marketing Agency. The Radical Bohemian Digital team not only provides all your digital marketing, website design & development, mobile app design & development, branding & business consulting needs under one roof. Your dream becomes our dream. As a small business, we understand the hard work and passion it takes to make your dream a reality.

Our Founder & CEO, Toni Diane, built Radical Bohemian Digital LLC when she saw a need for more digital marketing agencies who operate with integrity.

She began as a one-woman show designing & developing website & handling all digital marketing. Her clients came to her by word of mouth with horror stories of lousy dishonest marketing tactics selling “to good to be true” prices for services & products that were trash; they were taken for thousands & left with a mess.

SEO is a crucial element for the growth of your business. It MUST be appropriately plugged in with integrity to establish a positive digital relationship with Google & all other search engines. This process takes time, but it’s time worth waiting. For a new business, it will take you 4-6 months to reach the first page of Google.

Website design & development is not just about making a pretty, fancy, or flashy website. Customization & optimization are absolute when creating a website. Your website design should reflect your brand & your voice. The development should be optimized for speed & loaded with SEO content on both the front & back end. Otherwise, you just have a document hanging out in the digital universe, slowly being pushed down the results.

Mobile application design & development is one we see more & more with COVID & the surge in the digital development & marketing wave. The Radical Bohemian Digital development team builds & develops quality mobile applications that operate nothing short of perfect. Our hosting is premium & built for mobile applications for both IOS & Android. We included monthly updates & maintenance for all our mobile applications.

We at Radical Bohemian Digital LLC know and are mindful of the importance of setting our clients up for success from the very beginning. We are not exclusive, but it must be the right fit for all, for success.



Our clients achieve top Google rankings with our formula. With premium back-end SEO and smart front-end SEO your business will be attractive to customers and easy for them to find you.


We follow the unique process of analyzing the company’s value, mission, and vision before creating content for a website, as we believe that the design and content must depict the true nature of a company..


This is the digital era, and people are more inclined toward the products available online. Thus, developing a website for a company has become a mandate to survive in business. Your website is the first thing that people come across. It’s your digital storefront and vital that it’s engaging and informative enough to convert the traffic into leads, resulting in increased revenue by building a large clientele. 



Radical Bohemian Digital exists to help you build an effective mobile application that meets global standards. Our expert team has deployed mobile app development services for businesses all over the world. We focus on every single aspect of robust mobile applications from UI/UX Design to optimization.







Lookbook Store


Lookbook Store was founded in 2009 with an aim to provide our customers a wide selection of the latest fashion and most desirable clothing and accessories. We started selling vintage clothes on eBay and quickly became one of the fastest growing boutique store on eBay. We are a global company based on the Internet.

Nolah Mattress

 To create tomorrow’s mattress, Nolah started by finding a way to improve upon Memory Foam and Latex — outdated materials that are still commonly used in mattresses today. Being a technology driven company, it was essential for Nolah to leverage the latest technology to design a superior mattress. The result, after testing hundreds of foam formulations is the Nolah AirFoam™ mattress.

Elan Flowers

For over three decades, ÉLAN FLOWERS has served as an inspired standard in an ever changing floral industry. As an established design house with long standing relationships, our bespoke services communicate to the personal taste and vision of each of our clients.


“Toni and her team are extremely knowledgeable, professional, and a joy to work with. They truly listen to my ideas and help me to formulate the most effective vision for my needs. Most importantly they are great individuals, and I am grateful to have them as part of my team and professional family! I highly recommend this company.
Plus they bring good tacos.”

Aaron Z

Founder & CEO, Envirocare Home Solutions, LLC


“All it took was a Facebook post and I was connected with the Phenomenal team at Radical Bohemian Digital.Toni and her team go above and beyond to make your business vision into reality . Given my projects complexity my project had taken over 3.5 years with another company and never reached completion. Toni restored hope and I saw the light again with complete faith that my project and dream would finally become a reality. With Radical Bohemian Digital my project will take no more than 45 days to go live! Having seen the creative design I am beyond excited to see this go live!

Not only have they listened closely to my needs and met every expectation, but also went above and beyond to enhance and prepare an immaculate business plan for my project!

My dream became their dream. My passion became their passion!

What is more they offer milestones when it comes to payments which allowed me to afford this after wasting thousands. I am blessed to be part of Radical Bohemian Digital professional family. Now the sky is the limit and I owe it all to them.

Thank you Radical Bohemian Digital! It’s a pleasure doing business with you!”

Katerina K. – Founder & CEO of GR | NDA Client |

Project Launch & Announcement coming September 2020!



“I want to give a HUUUUGE thanks to the Radical Bohemian Team and my new professional family! That’s how they make me feel! They have been absolutely amazing with helping me not only with giving me extraordinary service, but also going above and beyond with helping me setting up the legal logistics for my new business! 

The first phone call I had with the owner Toni, I just knew I found the one! She was kind, encouraging and eased all my worries immediately. Not only that but, Toni is just a super cool person who really cares and understands what it means to start a business. 

Our call started with me being guarded and hesitant after talking with so many others. It ended with a new friendship, lots of laughs and the beginning of a new long lasting professional relationship! 

Toni walked me through my fears and self-doubt and guided me every step of the way always keeping me just putting one foot in front of the other. She and her team do not JUST provide services, she and the Radical Bohemian Team become a part of your dream, they get my vision and my dream became there dream! I just knew from day 1 after talking with Toni, that I was in good hands and I plan to be with them for many, many years to come! 

Thank you Toni and thank you Radical Bohemian Team! Y’all are definitely pretty dang radical and awesome!”

Tyrone Bradley III | Founder of Bradley Bulliez Organization | Founder & CEO Of MBRL | NDA Client | New Project Launching & Announcement coming soon!!